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3207 North Front Street Harrisburg Pennsylvania 17110
Substance Abuse Rehab Services Offered

Mazzitti and Sullivan offers a variety of rehab services which are outlined below. We encourage you to contact this Harrisburg, PA rehab to verify and get more detail on addiction treatment services which are offered in Harrisburg.

  • General Harrisburg substance abuse treatment
  • Dual diagnosis (behavioral plus addiction) treatment in Harrisburg
Rehab Program Details

Mazzitti and Sullivan offers the following addiction treatment programs in Harrisburg.

  • Harrisburg outpatient addiction rehab
Special Needs Supported

Mazzitti and Sullivan in Harrisburg, PA caters addiction treatment programs to special groups:

  • Individuals inflicted by drug and/or alcohol addiction
Treatment Costs and Payment Options

Mazzitti and Sullivan costs and payment information.

  • Treatment costs: Unknown
  • Rehab payment options: Self payment, State financed insurance (other than Medicaid), Private health insurance
Treatment Launguage Support

Treatment in Harrisburg at Mazzitti and Sullivan is available in the following language(s): English

Threatened by Counselor
  • Concerned Citizen reviewed 8 months ago
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I had an appointment for a drug evaluation which I had to obtain to comply with ARD. I had the misfortune to see {edited for privacy}. Mr. {edited for privacy} was arrogant, condescending, rude and ultimately, he threatened me with arrest if I did not comply with his wishes. He had no authority to make such threat and I had done nothing but be as humble, deferent and compliant as possible the entire time I was in his office. He refused to let me explain what I needed to do, he refused to sign my consent for release of information form stating “If I sign that, it means I am saying you are finished with your counseling.” The form states CLEARLY that it is for the release of information for the DURATION of the counseling determined necessary ONLY and in no way states that signing it releases the subject from anything. He obviously either couldn’t read the form, or could not understand it. He made a scene at the front desk as I was leaving his office. He was the most unprofessional, aggressive and frightening person I have had to deal with throughout this process so far. NEVER GO TO MAZZITTI & SULLIVAN! NO ONE knew what they were doing. The office staff also didn’t understand the purpose of the form and refused to sign it. I do not know how this company is in business with such incompetent and unprofessional practices. The ratings for this place are right, this place is horrible. STAY AWAY!!!

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A shameless racket

I had the misfortune of seeking out this “service” a few years ago. I sought a basic opinion and paid $150 cash (my high end insurance plan was not accepted,) the counselor than had the nerve to tell me I needed their outpatient program but would not take my insurance. Their outpatient program just steers you into AA. Nothing against AA, but AA can be attended for free. Needless to say, I cut my losses and never contacted them again. Stay away at all costs.

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