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15681 North Highway 301 Citra Florida 32113
Substance Abuse Rehab Services Offered

Phoenix Houses of Florida offers a variety of rehab services which are outlined below. We encourage you to contact this Citra, FL rehab to verify and get more detail on addiction treatment services which are offered in Citra.

  • General Citra substance abuse treatment
  • Citra Detox for drugs and alcohol
  • Citra halfway house and/or sober living
Rehab Program Details

Phoenix Houses of Florida offers the following addiction treatment programs in Citra.

  • Citra outpatient addiction rehab
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Inpatient addiction treatment in Citra
  • Short term residential treatment
  • Long term residential treatment in Citra
Special Needs Supported

Phoenix Houses of Florida in Citra, FL caters addiction treatment programs to special groups:

  • Individuals inflicted by drug and/or alcohol addiction
Treatment Costs and Payment Options

Phoenix Houses of Florida costs and payment information.

  • Treatment costs: Unknown
  • Rehab payment options: Self payment, State financed insurance (other than Medicaid), Private health insurance
Treatment Launguage Support

Treatment in Citra at Phoenix Houses of Florida is available in the following language(s): English, Spanish

Place is a joke

This place is horrible been here six month it’s a joke they just stick you in the same repetitive groups not helping you with anything have been fighting bed bugs the whole time while being over charged

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Phoenix House Citra Florida

Phoenix House has a very good reputation for providing treatment to marginalized members of society. Their literature states that the organization was founded by former heroin addicts in New York City. Research on them is mostly positive while there are some singular incidences of total breakdown of control where certain centers had to be closed as the one in upstate New York did.

My problem with them was largely lack of feedback. My family member was there for thirty days after a week of detox. During that time we received no progress reports, written or verbal, regarding the treatment. In fact on the days that visitation is allowed, Saturday for 2 hours, there are no staff available for consultation. The facility is spartan which I had no problem with but over 60% of the clients are passed from the Department of Corrections to Phoenix House, as that is now a vogue concept in criminal drug treatment. I have no problem with that either other than the fact that these clients do a mandatory eighteen months or more and are placed in leadership positions as they progress. Thus, as you can see, the entire non-staff leadership is composed of former offenders. As a homogeneous group without any prior integration to society it becomes a culture of its own through no fault as we all no what jails/prisons are like in this country. As well as the total lack of emphasis in this country on the widespread drug problem involving prescription medications.

As I write this my family member is packing belongings in garbage bags to leave tomorrow. We provided a new suitcase for our family member to use for this on our last visit two weeks ago but Phoenix House has been unable to secure this suitcase after providing us no caveat that they could not secure it. A small thing one might say but as your last act leaving a treatment facility the thing you do not want on your mind is that the staff has been responsible for theft of your personal belongings and offered no recompense.

And you do not want to be packing your belongings in garbage bags. No matter who you are.

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