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My son was a client of park avenue treatment center, he complained to me about people going through his things while in treatment and stealing. He complained to house manager, he didnt give a crap. My son relapsed while at park avenue because in his words evryone uses there.

My son eas arrested for using. While in jail before i had a chance to pick his things up, everyone went through his things and took what they wanted, x box, games, clothes even his underwear, socks, hiking boots, his soap, toothpaste,toothbrush, it was pathetic…. who steals someones underwear, thats bad. Anyway, obviously, park avenue is not teaching anybody anything. Maybe, get rid of the so called house manager, hes probably the ones using and stealing……..

Don't waste your time & money
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This place is only good for somebody who has absolutely NO life skills or common sense because the counselors do nothing but punish people for not following ridiculous house rules like placing your cup on the counter to the right of a piece of blue tape. They make people sit through classes where guest speakers just drone on about their lives, time spent in prison and other things that taught me nothing about recovery. They drag people to the same tired AA meetings where it’s mostly old men cussing profusely and complaining about their ex-wives and how they’ve been screwed over by everyone throughout their lives. They claim not to be an AA program, yet they force everyone to get a sponsor within 7 days. Then they force people to work the steps as fast as possible whether people buy into the whole 12 step thing or not. When we met together, all my counselor said repeatedly was just turn it over to my higher power. Great advice for life. Just do nothing.
In reflection, I would’ve been better off just going to an AA meeting on my own and asking someone for help after the meeting. I wish I had my time and money back.

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This place is absolutely horrible! I was able to pass all of my evaluations, while knowing I am an alcoholic with mental health issues. All the counselors here are poorly trained and are easily manipulated. I feel sorry for anyone using this place for any legitimate concerns of chemical dependency and/or mental health.

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I only went because i was forced by my employer. I believe in abstinence not pseudo therapies they print out from internet. Being forced to attend A A which pushes God on you violates my religious freedom.

Threatened by Counselor
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I had an appointment for a drug evaluation which I had to obtain to comply with ARD. I had the misfortune to see {edited for privacy}. Mr. {edited for privacy} was arrogant, condescending, rude and ultimately, he threatened me with arrest if I did not comply with his wishes. He had no authority to make such threat and I had done nothing but be as humble, deferent and compliant as possible the entire time I was in his office. He refused to let me explain what I needed to do, he refused to sign my consent for release of information form stating “If I sign that, it means I am saying you are finished with your counseling.” The form states CLEARLY that it is for the release of information for the DURATION of the counseling determined necessary ONLY and in no way states that signing it releases the subject from anything. He obviously either couldn’t read the form, or could not understand it. He made a scene at the front desk as I was leaving his office. He was the most unprofessional, aggressive and frightening person I have had to deal with throughout this process so far. NEVER GO TO MAZZITTI & SULLIVAN! NO ONE knew what they were doing. The office staff also didn’t understand the purpose of the form and refused to sign it. I do not know how this company is in business with such incompetent and unprofessional practices. The ratings for this place are right, this place is horrible. STAY AWAY!!!

DO NOT SEND YOUR ADOLESCENT to Concept House - they will leave much worse than when they enter
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If your adolescent suffers from a mental health illness/drug dependency problem, DO NOT send them to Concept House. Concept House is a place where your child will go and feel like they are a burden, they are worthless, where they are left to figure their problems out on their own. Concept House does not like parents who are involved, who ask questions, who advocate for their children. When they realize that the parent/child are asking questions that will lead to Concept House staff doing actual work, they will blacklist your child. The therapist, [PRIVATE], is dangerous – she calls the girls names, she lies to the children, parents and the staff at Concept House, she divulges confidential information between residents. Weekly one-on-one therapy turn into 1 one-on-one every two to three weeks. The staff call the girls names, steal their snacks, treat the girls in a very demeaning manner. The building is infested with roaches and mice (rats). The food that is catered has been delivered/served with moldy bread. This is a 5-bed facility (one side for girls and one side for boys). On one given night, there was one girl Baker acted and 3 girls who ran away – ALL ON ONE NIGHT. Where is the security? When I questioned [PRIVATE] about the precautions put in place after my daughter ran away, she said there were no precautions put in place because if she or the other girls want to run away, they can go. When my daughter was claiming to be suicidal, they called me to pick her up and take her to the hospital. [PRIVATE] told me that neither she or [PRIVATE] Latham, the director, could call 911. I told [PRIVATE] I can call 911 on a complete stranger if they claimed to be suicidal. After realizing they were not going to call 911 for my daughter, I drove 40 minutes and found that both [PRIVATE] and [PRIVATE] left; how can staff and administration leave when there is a child claiming to want to kill themself? Especially after they had a young boy actually hang himself a couple of years ago. [PRIVATE] even told me that she had to get off the phone because she had dinner plans with her mother that night…protocols are not followed, rules change whenever [PRIVATE] and [PRIVATE] want to change them (i.e., no consistency), confidential information is disclosed by [PRIVATE] to the other girls, important paperwork is misplaced/lost (I personally gave [PRIVATE] hospital discharge paperwork for my daughter and she lost the papers). There is so much more to say that will be disclosed in a much larger forum. But please, whatever you do, DO NOT send your children to Concept House. They will come out much worse than when they enter.

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XYZ is one of the most hated, low-life scumbags around….he makes money off of A.A. (which is free) and you get absolutely nothing in return….if you REALLY want to get free…you NEED to go ELSEWHERE! (Boise is a good start)…he’s a total money-grubbing crook. openly violate’s A.A.’s own 12 traditions about making money off of A.A…..everyone in the A.A. community hates the guy and he deserve’s it!

Horrific hell
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Was handcuffed by cop on court order to be forcibly taken to hospital to be involuntarily commited under false pretences of being suicidal when I stressed to psychiatrist Italked to on a monitor for 30 seconds that I was not.

Horrific experience.

Was released after a more extensive review by another psychiatrist who was confused why I was even there
Now appalachin won’t see me ever again and i have no idea how I will be able to refill my medications and they don’t care.

They did not want me to be their problem an now I’m not not anymore.

I’m sure they are happy.

A shameless racket
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I had the misfortune of seeking out this “service” a few years ago. I sought a basic opinion and paid $150 cash (my high end insurance plan was not accepted,) the counselor than had the nerve to tell me I needed their outpatient program but would not take my insurance. Their outpatient program just steers you into AA. Nothing against AA, but AA can be attended for free. Needless to say, I cut my losses and never contacted them again. Stay away at all costs.

Message of Hope not so hopefull
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You can’t get your hopes up when it comes to somebody even answering the phone at this Center. I have left multiple messages for Sonya Mills, because that’s the only one you can leave a message for, and not one single return call. This is not acceptable when dealing with this type of disease. They should rename this facility, because there’s no hope in anything they are supposed to stand for. Very upsetting!

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