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just... wow.
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watched someone walk out with their box on saturday and hand it to some ugly bleached blonde on the back of a motorcycle as she chugged his doses and sped away. my son was with me. security is supposed to be present that day. today, at check in, an individual that said his name was “josh” talked openly and loudly about “inhaling the entire bong rips” despite the center’s demand for monthly urinalysis. it’s a joke.

the Grove needs new staff that's educated about children
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Please use cation ::
This place is where my nephew was treated beyond terrible – the staff looks 1/2 a sleep – there only there to. Collect a paycheck and belittle and beat down the children –
Staff all hired from Craig list but classif them selfs as
What a joke and the staff should be investigated by Dcf
The treatment that all kids receive is awful and this place should be closed down and cleaned up /nasty place /
Filthy / bed bugs / disprespectful UNGODLY
PLACE.. think this threw before you sign any of your family up please do your home work and have an Atty on stand by – this place is a trap
No one knows how to tell the truth here
All a pack of lies

Again move on to the next rehab where you will be treated correctly and professionally
It’s clearly not the GROVE there only
ALL ABOUT THE $ not the children …. karma doesn’t lie

Saved my life
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When I went to Clay Crossing I felt worthless. I didnt care if I lived or died. I didnt think anybody else cared either. My first 2 weeks I didnt do the program. I did nothing but feel sorry for myself. I guess something finally clicked because after that first 2 weeks I started doing my program and following my counselors advice. I got involved with the animals and started making friends for life. I went in wanting to die and came out wanting to live. I’m now one month away from getting my belt buckle! Thank God for Clay Crossing!

Money Hungry Scammers
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[EDITED] at Management Consulting Services in Altamonte Springs, Florida does not care about you, she only cares about your money! She will find a way to refer you to their substance abuse program even if you do not use drugs or alcohol! Beware it’s a scam!

Stepping Stones, West Seneca
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I find this place to be a terrible lie. It is a very cold atmosphere and my daughters counselor could care less about her. She is always on her phone and looking around and not listening. It took her a week to mail a letter for my kid. My daughter will need counseling after she leaves here to heal from her supposed counseLing. Some very stupid and bizarre rules. If you have ever seen show Intervention, this place is nothing like those rehabs. Very prison like and stifling atmosphere. I am disgusted. Do not leave your child there especially with [EDITED] as her counselor, terrible.

Stay away from Home with A Heart
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Please avoid this place; do not send your loved ones here. The men here are treated like animals. For starters, if they can’t get food stamp benefits for you you will be kicked out. They listen in on the very limited phone calls you are allowed. They open your mail. The donations that are given to them by area businesses and individual do not go to these men. The fresh fruits and vegetables are fed to the pigs they keep on the property. Meats and seafood are divided between staff members for personal consumption. They will make you pack your bags, kick you out, and make you walk the 5 miles to the nearest store. They are negative, condescending, and not at all Christian like! Please explore other options before even considering sending your loved one here!!

This place doesn't care about their patients at all..
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**They don’t care about their patients all they care about is how much $$$$ they make. They administratively discharged me for standing up to myself to one of their staff members who always belittles people and tries to be mean.

She’s probably just miserable at her home life because she obviously doesn’t take care of her body so her husband probably cheats on her or she might just be a mean miserable woman.

But if you need methadone I highly recommend going to Discovery House in layton they are much more professional…

So just stay away unless you want to be treated like scum..**

Won't refund money
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It’s been over 6 weeks since I left the facility and they are not returning my money. They were paid promptly as required. Treatment was drumming and AA meetings. Was told I would see a doctor on admission. Was there 4 days and never saw a doctor. Not as represented. Not trustworthy.

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My son was a client of park avenue treatment center, he complained to me about people going through his things while in treatment and stealing. He complained to house manager, he didnt give a crap. My son relapsed while at park avenue because in his words evryone uses there.

My son eas arrested for using. While in jail before i had a chance to pick his things up, everyone went through his things and took what they wanted, x box, games, clothes even his underwear, socks, hiking boots, his soap, toothpaste,toothbrush, it was pathetic…. who steals someones underwear, thats bad. Anyway, obviously, park avenue is not teaching anybody anything. Maybe, get rid of the so called house manager, hes probably the ones using and stealing……..

Don't waste your time & money
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This place is only good for somebody who has absolutely NO life skills or common sense because the counselors do nothing but punish people for not following ridiculous house rules like placing your cup on the counter to the right of a piece of blue tape. They make people sit through classes where guest speakers just drone on about their lives, time spent in prison and other things that taught me nothing about recovery. They drag people to the same tired AA meetings where it’s mostly old men cussing profusely and complaining about their ex-wives and how they’ve been screwed over by everyone throughout their lives. They claim not to be an AA program, yet they force everyone to get a sponsor within 7 days. Then they force people to work the steps as fast as possible whether people buy into the whole 12 step thing or not. When we met together, all my counselor said repeatedly was just turn it over to my higher power. Great advice for life. Just do nothing.
In reflection, I would’ve been better off just going to an AA meeting on my own and asking someone for help after the meeting. I wish I had my time and money back.

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