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Mostly a good place, but at times is counterproductive to their overall mission they are trying to accomplish
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I am a spouse of am man whom is seeking treatment at the Prospect House in Price Hill. Although they are a pretty good program for the most part, I believe that some of their policies are counterproductive and do the opposite of their overall mission. They punish the men who are seeking treatment there for unreasonable or petty things. They have a dance at the end of each month and have other functions. If each person who is seeking treatment there, does not bring at least two guest to each function, he gets put on restriction and is not allowed to leave, and/or have visitors and sometimes not even allowed to go outside to smoke, for either days, weeks, or months at a time. After about 3 months of treatment, a person can be eligible to get a weekend pass, and spend the weekend with their families or significant others. They can leave on Friday afternoon and return Sunday. The director and/or counselors at this place will take the pass away from someone, at the drop of a hat, for the dumbest reasons. The men who stay at this facility have to sell a total of 200 raffle tickets for a dollar a piece during Christmas time. They have to turn in the money and stubs for 25 raffle tickets a week or they get punished. Some of these guys cannot leave and go to whatever AA meeting they want to try and sell the tickets, and have to go a specific meeting, with all the other guys who stay there, so all these guys are trying like hell to sell all these raffle tickets to the same people at the same meeting, at the same time every day. For the men who are not allowed to go to different meetings on your own yet, these men have limited options of places and people, as to try to sell these tickets too. Then they get put on 30 day restriction if they don’t sell 25 by Sunday. It’s hard enough for these guys to stay sober; this place makes it unnecessarily more challenging than it already is. They take the tough love approach a little too far I think. If my husband does not sell enough raffle tickets to avoid being punished and getting his weekend pass taken away, I end up buying the remaining tickets from him so I won’t get punished right along with him and not be able to have my husband home with me on weekends. I am low income, so this is extremely inconvenient for me financially, and causes a lot of stress for us. This past weekend, while he was at home with me, someone at the prospect house didn’t clean the bathroom. My husband got punished for that too, even though it was not his fault. Now even though I bought 23 raffle tickets from him so he could be allowed to come home this weekend, he got put on restriction anyway over some petty crap that he didn’t even do. I bought those raffle tickets for nothing because they wouldn’t let him come home anyway for stupid reasons. My husband says they do that to test your willingness to continue treatment and stay sober, and your willingness to submit to them. He also told me that is does no good to complain, because they just get mad and will put these guys on restriction even longer if they get mad about it. Some guys have ended up leaving the prospect house prematurely, and have relapsed because of these antics. For people who struggle with heroin especially, if someone gets frustrated with their punishments, which are at times unreasonable and unfair, and they leave and end up relapsing, it could be a life threatening situation for them. I just don’t see how that is helpful for them. I wander if anyone has died because they were pushed too far by these punishments and restrictions apposed on them, sometimes for the pettiest, and most stupid reasons, and left and have overdosed and died. I wander how many men in the future will be fed up and leave prematurely and then overdose and die because they have these unreasonable policies. I sure hope the counselors and the director can live with themselves knowing that they could have saved a life, by just being more reasonable and less of an a**hole, but because they didn’t, someone’s spouse, partner, child, brother, uncle, father, or best friend is dead now. For men who endure this BS and stick with it and stay in the program, it saves their lives, but for some of these guys, this program pushes them away and makes it more difficult, and that could result in a devastating outcome. Just saying……

Place is a joke
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This place is horrible been here six month it’s a joke they just stick you in the same repetitive groups not helping you with anything have been fighting bed bugs the whole time while being over charged

Not what it once was
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I was referred to this place by several friends in San Francisco in AA, so I had high hopes. What started off as a quaint little rehab kind of turned into a small little hell as the two leaders who took it over after Mike left proceeded to exert their control and bit by bit take away the few freedoms we had. They really had no idea how to lead by example.

I will say the counselors there do care though. Bless Owen. He’s cooky but he’s doing John’s job for the place. And Rob’s cooking is unmatched. Seriously gifted head chef here.

I have some questions??
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I have a relative that was just transferred from Olmsted County jail for drug abuse treatment. She’s been there less than 2 weeks and is free to come and go as she pleases. She spent all last weekend with her boyfriend and just last night was in a city 20 miles away from the facility. I would rather she be in jail than in the treatment facility where she is free to come & go as she darn well pleases. She is suppose the be monitored and treated as a part of her probation .and it sure looks like nobody cares where she is or what she is doing. Maybe she should be back in jail instead of free to run the streets.

Worst Rehab!!!
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Its supposed to be one of the best but it was seriously the worst rehab I have ever been to. The property itself was nice but the staff was lazy and didn’t want to help me with any of my needs even though I asked on a daily basis. They only want the rich kids that don’t really have to help and only have to babysit. Plus they told me because I was “attractive” I had to dress differently from the typical dress code so I wasn’t a distraction to the boys. Don’t send your loved ones here! They also broke many statutes which I will be reporting to the state. They sent me out on new meds that were supposed to be monitored without even a proper supply. One more thing.. they reported family sessions ect.. to my insurance that they billed for that never happened which is fraud!

The worst
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This place is horrible. My mother died in a fire while I was there. They treated me horribly because of it. They wouldn’t allow me contact with my family to make funeral arrangements since I was an only child. They didn’t even want to take me to the funeral. The day I found out she died I went to my room to be alone missing group. First they came in my room and forced me to attend group. That was right after they made an announcement over the loud speaker that my mother passed away. While I was in group and I sat there crying the whole time the counselor looked at me and said “you need to take responsibility In your mother’s death” he said this because my mother was poor and was living in a poor area. He meant that had I had my life together my mom would have been living with me and not there and she’d be alive. All the people in the group started calling him out on that and I just got up and left. two days before I had to go to my mom’s wake the director met with me and said they were kicking me out because I missed my groups. She was talking about the one group I missed while I was being told my mother died and went to my room and the group I walked out of when that man said what he said. I’m from Suffolk County NY so I was a long way from home. They took me to a trainstation in Yonkers and dumped me off there homeless with nothing no money to find my way back to long Island. I had to go to my mother’s funeral while homeless and on the streets. I had to wonder in off the street dirty smelling. They didn’t want to drive me to the funeral and back so instead they found a reason to just kick me out. They offered me no help whatsoever. There were other things done and said as well while I was there that hurt me that I just won’t get into or this would be a book. That was in 2013 and I’m still working with a counselor about the torture and abuse I dealt with there. It’s hard to believe they did that to me and I just recently have had the courage to talk openly about it. This place should be shut down. It gets no stars at all.

just... wow.
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watched someone walk out with their box on saturday and hand it to some ugly bleached blonde on the back of a motorcycle as she chugged his doses and sped away. my son was with me. security is supposed to be present that day. today, at check in, an individual that said his name was “josh” talked openly and loudly about “inhaling the entire bong rips” despite the center’s demand for monthly urinalysis. it’s a joke.

the Grove needs new staff that's educated about children
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Please use cation ::
This place is where my nephew was treated beyond terrible – the staff looks 1/2 a sleep – there only there to. Collect a paycheck and belittle and beat down the children –
Staff all hired from Craig list but classif them selfs as
What a joke and the staff should be investigated by Dcf
The treatment that all kids receive is awful and this place should be closed down and cleaned up /nasty place /
Filthy / bed bugs / disprespectful UNGODLY
PLACE.. think this threw before you sign any of your family up please do your home work and have an Atty on stand by – this place is a trap
No one knows how to tell the truth here
All a pack of lies

Again move on to the next rehab where you will be treated correctly and professionally
It’s clearly not the GROVE there only
ALL ABOUT THE $ not the children …. karma doesn’t lie

Saved my life
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When I went to Clay Crossing I felt worthless. I didnt care if I lived or died. I didnt think anybody else cared either. My first 2 weeks I didnt do the program. I did nothing but feel sorry for myself. I guess something finally clicked because after that first 2 weeks I started doing my program and following my counselors advice. I got involved with the animals and started making friends for life. I went in wanting to die and came out wanting to live. I’m now one month away from getting my belt buckle! Thank God for Clay Crossing!

Money Hungry Scammers
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[EDITED] at Management Consulting Services in Altamonte Springs, Florida does not care about you, she only cares about your money! She will find a way to refer you to their substance abuse program even if you do not use drugs or alcohol! Beware it’s a scam!

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