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How can i help an alcoholic?

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  5. How can i help an alcoholic?
Asked: 2018-07-11 19:44:44
My step mom just died from liver disease caused by alcoholism and my dad is still drinking, headed down the same path she did. Is there anyway I can help my alcoholic dad?


Answered: 2018-07-13 07:29:43

First of all, my heart aches for you. And like it was said, i am going to suggest a similar thing: take care of you. Really, offering your support and love is about all that can be done.


Answered: 2018-07-13 08:31:29

After a while you will get tired of trying to force or manipulate your dad to stop drinking and sober up. My boyfriend deal with a similar situation and he started going to alanon and that has helped him move past a lot of his life consuming fear and pain that he feels with both parents being alcoholic. Please take good care of your mind and emotional self, you deserve it, plus sometimes people change and sometimes they dont, I can not tell you honestly whether or not anything you try will help or get him to stop drinking.


Answered: 2019-01-16 03:29:01

I can't imagine how hard this must be for you. You can lead a horse to aa but you can't make him stop drinking. All you can do is take care of yourself. Support him as much as you can without sacrificing your own health: physical or mental. Also, I would recommend that you seek out a support group. My heart is with you. I hope he makes the right decision soon.

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