Military Substance Abuse Facilities

Addiction is a common mental health disorder present in many service members. Military substance abuse facilities treat their members with evidence-based therapies that have been proven effective in overcoming addiction. These treatments may also address co-occurring disorders such as depression, PTSD, anxiety and more.

Substance abuse treatment programs offer a wide array of treatment approaches to treating a variety of addiction severities and symptoms. In addition to meetings with an individual therapist and support groups, military patients also engage in therapeutic sessions that help them discover and cope with triggers for relapse, find purpose and gain important life skills, such as money management, anger management, and acceptable social interactions.

The U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs says, “A patient coming to VA can expect to find the following types of care: first-time screening for alcohol or tobacco use in all care locations, short outpatient counseling including focus on motivation, intensive outpatient treatment, residential (live-in) care, medically managed detoxification (stopping substance use safely) and services to get stable, continuing care and relapse prevention, marriage and family counseling, self-help groups, and drug substitution therapies and newer medicines to reduce craving.”

After an initial evaluation of the service member’s needs, an addiction professional will ascertain which services and treatments will be included in his or her personalized treatment plan, based on predetermined short-term and long-term goals for recovery.

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