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Virginia has experienced a flood of problems related to addiction in the past. Opioids have started to replace Methamphetamine as the drug of choice for the state, and rehab facilities are struggling to keep up. According to the VA Department for Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, there are several state resources available to those who need help. It’s simply a matter of admitting the addiction and seeking out a treatment facility. Being educated about the available options can help a person to make the right decision for themselves. Several factors can contribute to the choice, including addiction co-occurring with mental illness.

Virginia Rehab Facilities

Inpatient rehab facilities are the best option for those who suffer from traumatic withdrawals during detox. This is a residential program meant for those experiencing serious problems with drugs and alcohol. An outpatient program can provide many of the same services, but without the residential requirements. These programs offer therapy for up to 8-hours a day and then allow the patients to return to their home. Some people utilize an outpatient program while making the transition from the inpatient one. Others may feel that they don’t need the round-the-clock care provided by more intense programs.

Living Sober

Making the decision to seek a sober life is the first step on a positive journey. Addicts will need to seek out a viable aftercare plan to help them maintain their sober lifestyle. This can include community programs and additional counseling services. This support network is incredibly important and can help to avoid relapse and to fight drug cravings. Group and family therapy are highly recommended, as addiction is a chronic disease that requires consistent and ongoing treatment. Sobriety is possible for those who are committed to a better life.  
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