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More than 22 percent of all adults in Iowa admit to binge drinking on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this is a sign of alcoholism. It is important for people to know what to do if they believe that they may have an addiction to Alcohol.

Some People Require Extensive Help to Overcome an Alcohol Addiction

People can become so addicted to Alcohol, that they need to consume it regularly, to be able to function on a normal level. They can exhibit withdrawal symptoms when they don’t drink and can shake incessantly, feel nauseous and exhibit slower brain function. Detoxing from Alcohol alone is dangerous, which is why it needs to be done under a medical detox facility. There are medications that can be given to ease the person through withdrawal. Medical professionals will administer the medications properly and monitor the person’s health to ensure that they are safe always.

Long-Term Assistance Could Be Needed

Once someone has gone through treatment, there are still going to be situations that may tempt them to drink again. It is important to realize that addiction is a disease that will never be cured; it can only be treated, similar to diabetes. It’s best to enroll in an outpatient treatment program to stay on track. There are many 12-step programs in Iowa that can help people manage their recovery.

An Alcoholic Should Never Drink Again

With so many people suffering from Alcohol addiction, knowing there is help available can help someone get the support that they need. Many people may simply need a loved one to hold an intervention to let them know that other people see that they have a problem and help them overcome it.
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