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Drug use in New Mexico has reached an all time high, and the state has had one of the highest rates of addiction in the nation since 2010. With a new influx of drugs and more potent combinations, this problem is only getting worse. Reports from Albuquerque, NM show an increase in prescription drug abuse, resulting in a need for more cohesive treatment methods. Many people suffering from addiction aren’t aware of the options that are open to them.

Inpatient Rehab

An inpatient facility is designed to provide residential services that typically last up to 90 days. This is often the best option for those struggling with detox and serious withdrawal symptoms. It can be beneficial for family members to work with professionals from the treatment center in order to stage an intervention. This is a gathering of friends and family that encourages the addict to seek help for their destructive behaviors.

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient facilities can offer the same types of cognitive, behavioral, group, and medication therapies as an inpatient facility while still allowing patients to go home every evening. This is preferential for those who need to receive treatment around a demanding work schedule or who have familial obligations. If there is a co-occurring mental disorder, the person may need to seek out inpatient services to get the support that is needed for all the issues contributing to the addiction.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in New Mexico

Does the patient require a dual-diagnosis facility? When treatment for psychosis in addition to New Mexico addiction treatment is needed, a dual diagnosis treatment center in New Mexico may be a good fit. Treatment for cutting, gambling, and other serious addictions are offered by select New Mexico facilities.

Reaching Recovery

When a person suffering from addiction is able and willing to abstain from drugs and Alcohol for an extended period, they are said to be in recovery. This is the goal of most treatment programs. After rehab, it’s important to arrange for aftercare plans. Many facilities will arrange for patients to meet with a therapist and participate in group activities after treatment has concluded.
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