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The number of overdose deaths has been steadily increasing since 1999. Since that time, California has been slightly ahead of the trend. The state has experienced an influx of prescription drugs that have created an entirely new generation of addicts. Places like Los Angeles, CA, have always been notorious for their easy access to illegal drugs. Not only are these cities a wonderful epicenter of culture and humanity, they also have a darker side. This has left the entire state in need of better rehabs. Many addicted people are still ignorant of the types of programs available to them.

Treatment Options

Outpatient facilities can offer several different types of therapy and support for those who can reach recovery while still living at home. These programs are generally appropriate for people who can abstain from the use of drugs and alcohol, and who don’t expect severe withdrawal symptoms during detox. For those suffering from addiction co-occurring with mental illness or alcoholism, an inpatient program might be a better option. This provides a higher level of supervision and around-the-clock care in a residential setting. Many addicted people may require inpatient services directly after experiencing an intervention.

Entering Recovery

Recovery refers to a prolonged abstinence from drugs or alcohol that the addicted person can sustain outside of a controlled setting. This is only possible after the addict admits to having a problem and seeks help. Many rehab facilities will also work with community-based services to set up an aftercare program. This can include counseling, group therapy, outpatient services, and even peer to peer counseling. Addiction is a disease that a person will be fighting for the rest of their life. With the right combination of treatment and support, they can reach recovery and live the life they deserve.
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