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The U.S. is facing an addiction epidemic that shows no signs of slowing. Heroin and prescription drug abuse have made their way into North Carolina, prompting a need for additional treatment options. An incident in Greensboro, NC in 2016 prompted new concern when a huge quantity of Heroin was recovered by authorities. It’s not always enough to seek out a 12-step program when heavy and prolonged use of drugs and Alcohol have changed the chemical makeup of the brain. Co-occurring mental disorders and harrowing detox withdrawal symptoms have made the choice extremely difficult without help.

Exploring Treatment Options

Outpatient treatment is usually the first line of defense for those who want to break free of an addiction. This type of program offers a vast range of therapeutic options without the need for admittance. The outpatient option doesn’t always work for those suffering from active addiction, or who aren’t ready to take their treatment seriously. For those who want help but struggle with detox and withdrawal symptoms, an inpatient facility offering residential services can be appropriate; most programs last between 28 and 90 days. The heightened level of therapeutic support and supervision can help those suffering from prolonged addiction.

Why Seek Help?

Addiction is a disease — it’s not a sign of weakness, nor is it a well thought out choice or personal commitment. It changes the physical chemistry of the brain and triggers a reward system that’s simply too strong for many to ignore. The longer the addiction has lasted, the less likely one will quit on their own. Some families will need to hold an intervention to express their feelings to the addicted loved one and to ask them to seek help. This is a disease that impacts the entire family, and everyone has a part in the recovery process.
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