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In 2016, Delaware mourned the death of over 300 overdose victims. Many of them leaving behind grieving family members. It’s these family members that have worked with addiction professionals to update the state’s rehabilitation programs and to make treatment more accessible. There are now a number of different rehab facilities offering a wide range of services to those who decide to seek help. This includes a more relaxed approach to the use of maintenance medications like Suboxone and Methadone to aid in sobriety.

Inpatient Treatment Options

Heroin and Opioids are still taking a toll on the citizens of Delaware. Authorities have traced the state’s supply to a trafficking ring importing the narcotic from Philadelphia into Northern, Delaware. Stopping the consistent flow of drugs has led many to seek treatment to beat the horrible withdrawal side-effects that are associated with detox. Other addicts have chosen rehab over jail or sought help after a family intervention. This level of addiction often calls for inpatient rehab facilities. These are intensive residential treatment programs that offer constant supervision and support. Many long-term addicts will require months of inpatient treatment before transitioning to an outpatient maintenance program or halfway house.

Outpatient Treatment Options

Outpatient programs offer a variety of different therapies in conjunction with medications to help addicts reach sobriety. These are long-term programs, and many addicts will need to actively participate in them for years. During an outpatient program, the addict will be able to continue working or going home each day at the end of their scheduled treatment. This can be difficult for those suffering from co-occurring disorders Suffering from addiction with a co-occurring mental disorder can require a multi-tiered treatment plan that focuses on both simultaneously.

Finding Hope

There have been positive results with growing treatment options in Delaware. The state has taken the epidemic seriously, and it shows. No one can get better without first realizing that they need help. In order to do this, they have to recognize the negative impact that drugs and Alcohol have had on their lives. This moment of clarity is often accompanied by a moment of hope— a realization that addiction doesn’t have to be the end. Choosing sobriety is the first step—choosing a Delaware treatment facility to help you take that step is next.
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