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Arkansas has been the center of a movement towards addiction education in areas where rural communities are the norm. This state has suffered huge losses due to a consistent rise in the abuse of prescription drugs and heroin. Methamphetamines were the original drug of choice, but the focus has shifted at an alarming rate. Rehab facilities have had to rise to the occasion in an effort to provide the necessary treatment. The longer a person abuses drugs and Alcohol, the more likely they are to require inpatient treatment when they choose to get help.

Treatment in Arkansas

Inpatient facilities are better equipped to deal with patients suffering from addiction with a co-occurring mental illness. These provide residential services and around-the-clock care for those that have a long road to recovery. Many addicted individuals require an intervention in order to help them understand the actual consequences of their substance abuse. Outpatient facilities are a better fit for those who are actively seeking help, and who understand the scope of their problem. These programs can provide many of the same therapies but allow the patient to go home at the end of each scheduled treatment day.

When to Seek Help

Addiction is a disease that can be fatal when not properly treated. The first step to recovering from addiction is understanding that there’s a problem with drugs and Alcohol. Someone suffering from an addiction needs to recognize the fact that they’ve lost control and be willing to reach out and accept help. For many, this first step is also the most difficult; Some people feel that it’s an admission of weakness, and this simply isn’t the case. The ultimate goal is a continual abstinence from drugs and Alcohol and a return to a productive and happy place within the community.
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