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The entire country is facing an addiction epidemic that’s larger than anything we’ve ever experienced. Vermont is facing a correlating issue compounded by a lack of available treatment options. The problem is worse with the horrible withdrawals that come with Opioid detox. Many VT facilities aren’t prepared to deal with addiction co-occurring with alcoholism or other disorders. This has led to a renewed interest in exploring a wider variety of rehabs available to those struggling with addiction. Whether the need for help comes after an intervention or via a personal decision, we have a responsibility to offer viable options for those who need them.

Types of Rehabs Available

Inpatient programs are dedicated to providing residential services and around the clock therapies for those who need more intense help to stop using drugs and Alcohol. The addicted person will live at the facility for a period that’s usually between 28 and 90-days. After this, they may transition to a halfway house or to an outpatient program. An outpatient program provides many of the same therapies for 3-8-hours a day, and then allows the patient to return home. These programs can help someone transition back into their old life or are available for those who won’t benefit from inpatient treatment as much.

Aftercare Programs

After a person completes their treatment program, they’ll need to continue to fight their addiction from their own vantage point in their communities. This often involves an aftercare program consisting of ongoing counseling, group therapies, and sober living programs. These come in the form of everything from peer counseling to Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous. Many treatment facilities will help you to set up an aftercare program to give you the best possible chance of sobriety. Addiction is a lifelong disease and requires ongoing treatment to prevent relapse into combat drug cravings. .

Facilities in Vermont

VPI South
United Counseling Services
United Counseling Service of
White River Junction VAMC and ROC
FortySeven Main Street Inc
Northshire UCS
United Counseling Service
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