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Over the last decade, the state of Indiana has experienced an exponential increase in addiction. Heroin and Opiates have invaded areas of the state that have yet to recover from the widespread use of Methamphetamines. There’s an ever-increasing need for rehabilitation facilities outside of the Indianapolis areas. Many rural communities are being blindsided by addiction, and entire communities are looking for ways to deal with the problem. Many addicted people end up in jail instead of treatment; this is why it’s so important to look into drug and Alcohol rehab programs as quickly as possible.

Treatment in Indiana

Indiana has started to expand their inpatient and outpatient rehab options to answer to an increasing number of people seeking help. The outpatient program involves a number of different therapies that are carefully scheduled throughout the day. This program allows people the freedom to continue their lives while getting sober. Residential, or inpatient, facilities usually offer programs that last from 28 to 90 days. Many of these facilities are equipped to deal with the detox period and the withdrawal symptoms that can accompany it. More intense inpatient programs can treat addiction co-occurring with mental illness. There are times when mental illness can lead to drug use, and it’s important to identify this early on.


The ultimate goal for anyone going through recovery is to reach sobriety and to maintain it. Treatment and aftercare are meant to be tools, but they aren’t a guarantee. People need to want to get help and must work at it every day. Rehab facilities will offer to help establish an aftercare plan that can involve peer counseling and community-based services. Cravings can happen at any time, and the addicted individual needs to have the coping skills to combat them. Recovery is possible with the right level of personal dedication and professional help.
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