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Since 2015, overdose deaths have risen exponentially in the state of Maine—sometimes exceeding 40 percent in a year. These can be primarily attributed to Heroin and prescription narcotics, but places like Springvale, ME have created low-income clinics to try and fight back. For many, admitting that they have a problem is extremely difficult. No one wants to admit a loss of control or to subject themselves to the stigma that often surrounds drug and alcohol abuse.

Understanding Treatment

An intervention involving a gathering of family and friends can be an effective method for reaching out to someone who is in the throes of active addiction. If they agree to receive help, get them into an inpatient rehab facility as quickly as possible. This is a residential facility that houses addicted people as they go through detox, withdrawals, and intensive therapy for their addiction and co-occurring conditions that might be fueling their drug use. For addicted people who choose to seek help of their own accord, an outpatient program may be less disruptive. They will be able to attend a complete therapeutic program without taking an extended period of time away from work and family.

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Addiction is a family disease. This means that it can have an impact on the mental health and well-being of everyone who cares about the addicted person. The family must adhere to the treatment plan in order to support sobriety and prevent enabling. Recovery is possible with the right help. An addicted person must choose sobriety and then make the choice to actively maintain it. This can involve the initial rehab program followed by an aftercare plan that incorporates community services. This is a disease that doesn’t have an easy answer, and many people spend their lives working to stay in recovery. No two people are alike and choosing the right treatment methods can have a huge impact on their chances for success.

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