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The state of Nebraska has been largely successful in controlling the effects of the drug epidemic. It’s done this by employing an aggressive educational initiative that’s resulted in a lower number of student reported drug and alcohol use. Only 1-in-5 Lincoln, NE, students report using any type of drug—versus the national average of 1-in-3.

Seeking Help

An intervention involves gathering friends and family together and giving them the opportunity to express their concern and feelings directly to the addicted person. This can be the motivation that the person needs to seek help. Inpatient rehab involves residential treatment for a period of up to 90-days. This is the best place for those expecting severe withdrawal symptoms during detox, and who need a more supervised routine. Treatment is usually comprised of therapies focusing on mental health and behavioral factors relating to substance abuse. Some facilities can offer drug maintenance programs. Outpatient facilities can provide many of the same treatment option—only on a more flexible basis. The person undergoing treatment can leave the facility each day for work or to go home when therapy is over.

Entering Recovery

Addiction is a disease that never completely goes away. Sobriety refers to an absence of drugs and alcohol in the body. Recovery refers to an addict’s ability to abstain from the use of drugs and alcohol for a prolonged period. Once someone enters recovery, they’ll need to have an aftercare program providing them with resources within the community. This can involve everything from support groups to regular therapy with a local counselor. Long-term success depends entirely on the person’s desire to stay sober and their ability to reach out for help when they need it. Honest communication coupled with personal experience can make a huge difference when fighting addiction.

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Blue Valley Behavioral Health
CenterPointe Inc
Ponca Tribe of Nebraska
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