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Chicago, IL, isn’t the only area in the state that’s suffering from a serious and deadly drug epidemic. Addiction to Opioids and other illegal drugs has taken hold and spread throughout Illinois without discretion. People from all walks of life are going through a personal battle with substance abuse, and many are unsure of where to look for help. Addiction doesn’t discriminate and can have an impact on anyone. Finding the right treatment option provides the best possible chance of overcoming addiction.

Outpatient Programs

Choosing an outpatient program is appropriate for those who can adhere to a treatment schedule and maintain sobriety with a certain measure of freedom. These programs often include different therapies and medication management options that help to improve healthy coping skills and to help understand the underlying cause of one’s addiction. With the right balance of therapies and support, outpatient programs can be very successful. If relapse occurs, a therapist led intervention may be necessary to convince the addict to agree to a more intense inpatient rehab program.

Inpatient Programs

Inpatient treatment is the best option for those who have spent years abusing drugs and Alcohol, and for those who experience severe withdrawal symptoms during detox. Inpatient programs are usually designed around a 28-90-day period and require patients to stay there while they are undergoing intense therapy. Families can sometimes call these facilities and arrange for a therapist to assist them in staging an intervention when they are unsure of how to approach the addicted loved one.

Success in Sobriety

The key to success is ongoing treatment. Every person battling addiction has the right to ask for and to receive help. Recognizing the problem is only the beginning; most people aren’t sure where to go from there. Reaching out to a rehabilitation facility can help you to plan, and to have, a future free from addiction.
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