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What are the signs of Substance Abuse?

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  5. What are the signs of Substance Abuse?
Asked: 2018-09-10 23:32:32
How can you tell if someone is suffering from substance abuse?


Answered: 2018-09-11 02:07:09

If someone is struggling with substance abuse, they will be focused on fueling their addiction. Instead of spending time with family and friends, they will be using their drugs. They may also have sores or marks on their skin, and look less healthy and more disheveled.


Answered: 2018-09-11 09:59:55

Substance abuse causes people to ignore or even abandon the things they once loved. Their work, education, family and friends gets pushed to the side as they fall victim to drugs. You may notice a change in personality or behavior, or even physical effects like weight loss or messy appearance.

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