Cocaine Addiction & Rehab

To most people, Cocaine addiction is a cruel disease that affects both the human behavior and the brain. It’s chronic, and the symptoms can be very frustrating. This addiction can cause an uncontrollable desire of seeking for more cocaine despite being aware of the consequences of taking it long-term.

According to researchers from Yale University, they found that trauma and stress in early life tend to cause higher chances of people becoming addicted to drugs.

Get the Best Inpatient Cocaine Treatment

Cocaine addiction can be treated; however, just because the health industry promotes the success rate of recoveries, it does not mean it can be an easy path. For the majority of drug abusers, they tend to fall into relapse. Because an addiction is a chronic physical and mental condition, addicts cannot stop using it abruptly.

In most cases, they have to gradually stop taking drugs.  According to ResearchGate, there have been a number of clinical strategies presented by researchers in treating Cocaine addiction. One of them includes the famous inpatient and outpatient programs.

Most outpatient programs come in a structured timeline of a minimum of six months. For inpatient Cocaine treatment, the minimum amount of days is 28 where the patients stay in the facility for the duration of the program.

Often, inpatient Cocaine treatment programs are the most commonly recommended treatment for those with severe cocaine addiction. It’s considered as the best option if you want to focus on recovery without any outside distractions.

Why Choose a Residential Rehab Center?

Some of the treatments in a residential program include medication, behavioral counseling, evaluation and dual diagnosis treatment, medical applications and a long-term follow-up process in order to prevent relapse.

For cocaine users, a residential rehab center might be the best option if the addiction is chronic, because a residential rehab center help more with employment services after the program. The program includes psychiatric, medical and Alcohol services to Cocaine-dependent patients.

Outpatient programs focus more on treating the drug, but lack other treatments a residential rehab center can offer. Thus, it’s considered as the best option for those who are looking to build a new life after the treatment is completed.

What Happens During Treatment

Devices and medications are commonly used to manage symptoms of withdrawal, treating any co-occurring conditions, as well as preventing relapse. During Cocaine addiction treatment, medical experts will determine what kind of method is the most suitable for you.

Depending on whether you struggle with co-occurring disorders, you will still go through the traditional counseling and therapy sessions. Individual and group counseling can also be expected and, when needed, the round-the-clock access to medical care is also available.

According to Maynooth University, a psychological test was invented and developed by Maynooth University Department of Psychology for cocaine treatment. This test can successfully predict whether an addicted person will attend the treatment and the success rate of the program will be.

The study included a group of 25 Cocaine addicted individuals participating in this research and was conducted at New York State Psychiatric Institute. Through this test, the researchers were able to determine what kind of treatment better suited each individual.

Finding an Executive or Luxury Treatment Center

For business professionals who still want to continue with their outside responsibilities while going through Cocaine treatment, an executive or luxury treatment center is the best option.

These luxury rehab centers offer all the comfort a professional may need, such as private bedrooms, computer access, gourmet meals and even meeting rooms. They offer amenities and recreational activities similar to a resort. These posh settings are great for the rich or famous who seek for luxury recovery programs.

Geographically, most private executive and luxury treatment centers are situated in secluded country settings or exotic beach areas. The amenities offered are high-end with room services, fine dining, and private workspaces.

Some activities that you can expect from a luxury rehab center include swimming, spa treatments, horseback riding and more. Although these recovery treatment centers cater to the rich, the programs offered are still similar to the regular inpatient and outpatient programs. Customized treatment, different therapy sessions, dual diagnosis and detoxification services are available at executive rehab centers.

In 2017, the Boston Globe did a report on the five-star addiction recovery centers and the truth behind their marketing and treatment programs. Based on interviews with current and former employees of certain luxury treatment centers in Massachusetts and reports of investigation, it depicted that the company focuses more on marketing their services instead of truly providing the basic care for the patients.

At most, these executive treatment centers would charge around $24,000 per month; however, the patients tend to be left unsupervised and would not even get the basic counseling for their addictions.

The investigations carried on this matter found that the patients were also having sexual relationships with one another. This is why it’s very important to choose a credible executive and luxury treatment center.

It’s very important for you to take your financial position into consideration. The biggest difference between a standard residential rehab center and a luxury treatment facility is the cost. If you think you can afford all the extra amenities and the posh setting, an executive or luxury treatment center is not a problem for you.

Nevertheless, it’s always recommended for individuals to do research about a certain treatment center prior to deciding on which one to go to.

Thing to Consider About Treatment

When choosing a Cocaine treatment, it’s very important for the patients and their families to carefully determine which programs are the best for them. Therapeutic communities tend to affect the patients in a more positive way.

A good community of Cocaine-dependent people and medical experts will allow the individual to benefit from it. The entire community acts as the main key to recovery by influencing the patients. Because most programs last from 6 to 12 months, it’s very important for you to look at the success rate of a rehab center.

Treating Cocaine addiction is not easy, but it can be done. With patience and determination, nothing is impossible. In order to recover completely, the individual must be willing to stop using drugs, stay drug-free as soon as he or she is clean, and start to be productive.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are thirteen principles of drug addiction treatment and if all of these principles are met, the recovery process will be successful and relapse can be guaranteed to not happen again.

Some Things to Know About Cocaine

Cocaine is the product of the leaves of coca bush. This plant can be found mostly in South America where this region is known as its native habitat. Cocaine is a mind-altering substance—because of its nature of being a psychoactive drug, it affects how a person thinks and behave.

Cocaine can stimulate your body by raising the heart rate, speeding up breathing and increase unnecessary thoughts and actions. Cocaine is available in three different forms:

Cocaine Hydrochloride Salt — This is one of the most common forms preferred by the majority of cocaine-addicted people. This fine white powder is usually ingested by sniffing or snorting it through a straw, rubbing it on to the gums or dissolving it in the water and injected. This form is usually mixed together with other substances that look similar to it such as cornstarch.

Freebase Cocaine — This form is created from the hydrochloride salt form. The process includes removing the hydrochloride salt form through heating before adding an alkaline solution. Freebase cocaine is ingested by smoking it.

Crack Cocaine — Crack comes in the forms of rocks or chunks and is a type of freebase Cocaine. Crack cocaine is ingested by vaporizing and heating it for smoking. It can also be dissolved in ascorbic acid and water before being injected with a syringe. Learn More.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reported that the admissions to drug abuse treatment programs back in 2013 consisted of 6% of cocaine addicts. Most Cocaine abusers are either polydrug users or smoke Crack Cocaine.

When it comes to treating a Cocaine addiction, everyone related to the person suffering from addiction has to recognize the complexity of the situation. It doesn’t just change the function of a brain: it affects the addicted person in almost all aspects of his or her life. This is why Cocaine addiction treatments should be taken seriously, so that addicted people can go back to living a normal life.

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