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The state of Maryland is battling a deadly combination of prescription and illegal drug addiction. Drugs are easy to come by in many counties, and statewide rehabilitation programs are integral in combatting the problem. Baltimore, MD, has been named the Heroin capital of the U.S. Many people addicted to prescription narcotics turn to Heroin when they can no longer get medication. Several counties have filed a lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies citing irresponsible reporting practices. This will lead to an even greater need for high-quality rehabilitation programs. It’s important that anyone fighting addiction to drugs and alcohol seek treatment as soon as they realize that they have a problem.

Understanding Your Options

Most rehabilitation programs operate as inpatient or outpatient facilities. Inpatient facilities are reserved for severe cases of addiction. They provide residential services that can care for you during detox and help with the withdrawal symptoms that often accompany it. Inpatient programs can help families to organize an intervention and provide them with an immediate treatment destination. Round-the-clock care becomes even more important when a person is suffering from addiction co-occurring with other issues. Outpatient treatment programs offer many of the same treatment options, only on a schedule that allows the addict to continue with their work and home-life. Behavioral and medication therapies in conjunction with a good support system can provide the best possible chance of recovery.

You Can Beat Addiction

Maryland is experiencing a steady rise in the number of overdose deaths throughout the state. If you or someone that you love is fighting addiction, it’s important to find help as soon as possible. Admit that drugs are a problem and that you’ve lost control. Doing that can clear the path for honest and effective rehabilitation. No one can help an addict until they’re willing to accept it— but waiting too long can have deadly consequences. Addiction is a lonely disease. It isolates the person from everyone and everything that they care about. This emotional deficit can make a person feel disconnected and separated from the rest of the world. It’s never too late to reach out and to get the treatment you need to start living for yourself again. Be remembered as more than an overdose statistic—get help and choose life.

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Garrett County Health Department
Villa Maria of Mountain Maryland
Vesta Inc
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Addiction Treatment Centers in Maryland

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