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Oklahoma has been seriously affected by the rising number of overdose deaths due to the increased availability of Heroin and other Opiates. Fortunately, the state has made a huge concentrated effort to stand up to addiction. Both state and local governments have worked hard to create a number of rehab facilities that are available to everyone. The most important factor in recovery success is quality and choice of treatment. The focus of the OK Department of Mental Health and Human Services has been on creating better and more accessible treatment options that are geared towards recovery and restoring the economic and community resources that were lost to the addiction epidemic.

Methods of Rehabilitation

Outpatient treatment involves scheduled therapy and treatment sessions that a person can attend while still working and caring for their family. This option is only viable for those who don’t require a heightened level of supervision during the detox process. An inpatient facility provides around-the-clock care, utilizing residential services and additional staffing. Inpatient rehab can provide a more intense experience that helps the individual suffering from addiction to amend their routine and learn necessary coping skills.

Fighting Addiction

Addiction can have a profound and lasting effect on the brain. This means that the best way to combat it is to recognize a personal lack of control and to actively seek help. There are treatments and medications that can help one abstain from drugs and Alcohol long enough to enter into a period of recovery. Recovery differs from sobriety in the length of abstinence and the choice involved in reaching it. Aftercare in the form of therapy or community programs can be an excellent way to maintain recovery and to connect with others who can offer peer-to-peer counseling and support.
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