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Prescription pill abuse has quickly become an epidemic throughout the United States. In Arizona, one person dies a day from prescription pill abuse, on average. To reduce the number of deaths that occur every year, family and friends need to be able to spot addiction and encourage their loved ones to seek treatment. The following guide features a few things someone can do if they think their loved one may have an addiction to prescription medications.

Be Able to Recognize Signs of an Addiction

Is Arizona residential (inpatient) or outpatient (IOP) treatment most appropriate for your situation? If residential, Arizona rehabs offer a variety of 30, 60 and 90-day programs. These programs are beneficial as patients are able to escape their environment and focus on recovery with less distraction. Since Arizona inpatient treatment is not always an option, Arizona outpatient addiction treatment is offered for individuals who have outside responsibilities which must be tended to.

Understand There Are Different Types of Treatment

When a loved one is addicted, it can be hard for the people close to them to understand what he or she is going through. There are different treatment options available to suit the needs of the person who is addicted. Inpatient treatment is great for many people. When people detox, the experience can often be too much for them to bear and they will crumble and take the drugs again. Outpatient treatment is ideal for someone who has already overcome their initial addiction and is now trying to stay off the drugs.

Helping Someone Seek Treatment

When people are in active addiction, they will not be receptive treatment until they’re ready. A family can hold an intervention for the person to let them know that they are loved and that everyone wants to help. Realizing that they are valuable to someone else may help; realizing that they should value themselves could cause them to get the treatment that they need. Professionals should run interventions to ensure that they are done in a safe way. There are many families in Arizona that are devastated by addiction. You are not alone.  
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