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Prescription Opioid and Heroin abuse have invaded Rhode Island, prompting new regulations regarding everything from Naloxone to the availability of rehab programs. The Department of Health, RI has relaxed its stance on prescription Naloxone to lower the risk of overdose deaths. The state still has a long way to go to help those in active addiction to reach recovery. Coastal areas fight a unique battle with the influx of illegal drugs via active ports. Many states like Rhode Island have become the center of trafficking rings, resulting in a higher rate of addiction among the population. Seeking treatment as quickly as possible is the only way to fight Opioids and strong Narcotics that have a physical effect on brain chemistry

Exploring Treatment Options

Most rehab facilities fall into two categories: Inpatient and Outpatient. An inpatient facility provides residential services that consist of intense therapies and medication management. Inpatient treatment is usually prompted by a family intervention, legal trouble, or serious addiction. Outpatient treatment allows patients to attend therapy while returning home and continuing much of their daily routine. This is effective for those who are able to abstain from Alcohol and drug use with minimal supervision.

Succeeding in Addiction Treatment

Treatment can only work if the person suffering from addiction truly wants to stop using drugs and Alcohol. The choice to seek help is the first step and adhering to the treatment plan can be very difficult for those who have built their lives around their addiction. Treatment may need to be a lifelong commitment and can include everything from personal counseling services to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meeting within the community. This type of aftercare can provide the extra support that the addict needs to maintain their recovery long after they leave their primary program.
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Facilities in Rhode Island
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South Shore Center
Phoenix House of New England
Psychological Consultation Center
Clinical Services of Rhode Island
CODAC Behavioral Healthcare II
Galilee Mission Inc
Gateway Healthcare
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