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Over the last four years, Oregon has worked to improve treatment options for those suffering from addiction and substance abuse. Portland, OR has developed a plan that allocates funds and resources in order to offset the cost of emergency services needed when the problem is allowed to persist. Addiction is highly treatable for those who want to stop using drugs and Alcohol. It’s a matter of finding the right treatment option that can offer a customized plan for every person. This is an individual disease that requires a different approach to best understand the reasons behind the drug use.

Choosing a Treatment Option

Many suffering from addiction may require an intervention to help see how their actions are affecting others. This involves a therapeutic confrontation that’s sometimes followed by a stay at an inpatient residential treatment facility. Inpatient facilities offer a range of behavioral, cognitive and medication therapies, usually for a period of up to 90-days. This is the best option for those suffering from a difficult detox or addiction co-occurring with mental illness. Outpatient facilities can offer many of the same services without residential requirements, allowing the addicted individual to return to their own home. This type of treatment is beneficial to those who have familial obligations and cannot get time away for work.


A period of prolonged abstinence from drugs and Alcohol doesn’t fully necessitate recovery. Recovery is more than sobriety; it’s the goal of rehab and allows a person to battle their addiction without constant supervision. Recovery is often best maintained by using aftercare services including community programs and regular counseling sessions. A person may experience a relapse or return to substance abuse before achieving this. Relapse is fairly common, but it shouldn’t derail the therapy. It may indicate a need for further treatment in a more controlled facility.
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Facilities in Oregon
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