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How can i tell if someone is on drugs?

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  5. How can i tell if someone is on drugs?
Asked: 2018-07-04 05:38:25
Feeling worried about this girl that I am working on a project with. Pretty sure shes using drugs and I'm looking for answer as to how I can tell if she is.


Answered: 2018-07-06 02:16:12

If this girl you are concerned about it on drugs you will notice differences in how she acts, talks and responds. If she has started to slack on the project you are working on and is talking less I'll bet that she is.


Answered: 2018-07-05 07:33:21

The information makes me think about a time when I was in school working on a group project and at first I was super involved and all about it then I started using heroin again and kind of dropped off the map. Dropping off meaning I didnt hold up my end of work for the project and I was unreliable.

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