Hospital Inpatient Addiction Treatment Facility

Inpatient addiction treatment is a research-based approach to a chemical dependency that has disrupted the physical, mental and social health of an individual. Addicted people are unable to control their substance abuse despite these consequences and require 24-hour care and treatment to overcome the powerful cravings that come with addiction.

Inpatient treatment may take place in one of two settings: hospital or residential. A residential inpatient setting facilitates a home-living environment in which the patient has access to peer and staff support while enjoying the comforts of home. A hospital inpatient addiction treatment facility provides the same benefits, but in a clinical environment with 24-hour access to medical care if needed.

The Surgeon General’s Report describes treatment in these environments saying, “These diverse health care systems have many roles to play in providing integrated care to address our nation’s substance misuse and substance use disorder problems, including delivering prevention interventions; identifying patients with substance use related problems and engaging them in the appropriate level of care; treating substance use disorders of all levels of severity; coordinating care both across health care systems and with social services systems including criminal justice, housing and employment support, and child welfare; linking patients to RSS; and providing long-term monitoring and follow-up.”

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