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Almost everyone has been impacted by addiction to drugs and alcohol. Many communities in New Jersey are struggling to save the lives of friends and family by seeking out more effective treatment options. The Heroin and Opiate epidemic has hit this state particularly hard, creating a need for more inpatient residential programs. Many addicted people may realize that they have a problem but are unsure of how to ask for help.

Choosing Treatment

Many people who have a long history addiction may require the services of an inpatient facility. They can experience painful withdrawal symptoms as they go through the detox process. Leaving home and staying somewhere else can be very intimidating. A family led intervention may help your loved one feel more comfortable with this decision. For some, an outpatient program may be more appropriate. This provides the same level of behavioral and group therapies while allowing the person to go home at the end of each day. Each rehab program will need to be carefully tailored to the specific needs of the person undergoing treatment. They may require different levels of psychological and physiological services depending on any conditions co-occurring with the addiction.

Life After Addiction

After successfully completing a treatment program, it’s important to continue receiving some sort of aftercare. This can come in the form of ongoing therapy and community services and meetings. Family members will also need to participate in therapy to start healing damaged relationships. Maintaining recovery can be difficult in stressful situations and having the support of someone who understands can prevent a relapse. The longer recovery goes on, the easier it becomes to resist cravings. Life after addiction is possible, and better rehab programs are improving chances of recovery for anyone who truly wants to be free of drugs and alcohol.

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