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Many people believe that due to Alaska’s remote location, it hasn’t been hit by the addiction epidemic that the rest of the nation has faced. Unfortunately, places like Anchorage, AK, have been hit particularly hard by the Opioid epidemic. Overdose rates are following the same deadly trend as the rest of the country. Rehab facilities are working harder to deal with the deadly detox symptoms generally associated with things like Heroin. They must also be prepared to deal with addiction co-occurring with other mental disorders. Working with an addiction professional is really the best way to successfully reach recovery.

Alaska Rehab Options

Outpatient facilities are preferential for those who need to continue their regular schedule while receiving treatment. Unlike the residential inpatient programs, outpatient treatment facilities allow patients to go home at the end of each day. There are many therapies and program options for people at all levels of addiction. Many treatment facilities also offer advice on how to approach a family led intervention. This is an opportunity for family and friends to gather and to let the addicted individual know how their drug use has impacted everyone else. Inpatient facilities are definitely better for those who have difficulty abstaining from drugs and Alcohol while left to their own devices.

Aftercare Options

Aftercare refers to the ongoing treatment that one will receive after leaving a rehab facility. This often includes things like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. There are several different community-based programs geared towards helping people suffering from addiction to maintain recovery. It can also help to have regular therapeutic sessions with professionals who understand their particular journey from addiction to recovery. Many individuals suffering from addiction say that helping others is a key to continuing sobriety. This is a very personal disease, and one that needs to be treated differently for each and every individual.
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Facilities in Alaska
Community Connections
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