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Addiction in South Carolina has reached an all-time high. The state has had to accept that their current treatment facilities aren’t adequate enough to treat the numbers of people suffering from substance abuse. Resulting in a widespread need for increased numbers of counselors, therapists, and medical professionals trained in addiction treatment. The SC Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors has made it easier for many to become certified in the state in the hopes of increasing their current rehab resources. Unfortunately, this doesn’t do any good unless addicted individuals are prompted to seek help.

Rehab Options

Outpatient treatment programs offer therapy and support services for those seeking a more flexible schedule. These programs are successful to those who want treatment and are committed to recovery, but still, have work or familial obligations. Inpatient programs are residential facilities offering intensive behavioral, group, individual and medication therapies for those who need supervision during detox and additional support. A patient can stay in a residential program for usually up to 90-days prior to returning to their homes. This escape from the routine revolving around drugs and Alcohol can help to reestablish healthy coping techniques.

When to Seek Help

Many people suffering from addiction will benefit from an intervention that allows them to see the way that drugs and Alcohol have affected their friends and family. This can make them aware of the negative consequences of their actions and can prompt people to seek treatment. The dangers of overdose and permanent damage are decreased when help is sought after early in the disease. Continued drug use can result in a loss of resources, legal issues, and prolonged damage to family relationships. This is a disease that impacts the entire family and community—making treatment a higher priority than ever.
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