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In 2016, Minnesota reported a 9.2 percent increase in deaths attributed to drugs and the numbers continue to climb. This is a state that has been fighting a growing problem with addiction for years. New efforts to gather data have shown that more drug use occurs in the metro area of MN than it does in sparsely populated areas—which falls in line with trends throughout the rest of the country. When seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, research is key.

Choosing Your Treatment

Every person suffering from addiction is doing so in a very different way. There’s a need to customize treatment plans and to choose the rehab that provides the best possible chance of success. A person in active addiction may require an intervention led by friends and family to convince them that they need to seek treatment. In instances of drug addiction co-occurring with alcoholism, an inpatient facility is usually the best course of action. This is a residential facility that can provide intense services. For addicted people who can detox and abstain with minimal supervision, an outpatient program may be appropriate. This offers a complete treatment plan that’s scheduled to provide services while still allowing them to go home each day.

Making an Informed Decision

Choosing to seek treatment is a step in the right direction. The type of rehab can be the difference between successful recovery and falling back into destructive habits. This requires complete honesty from the addicted person. Addiction is a disease that affects the whole family. Therefore most programs provide counseling and guidance for everyone who’s been traumatized by the addiction. Someone who’s serious about wanting help should share everything with their treatment provider in an effort to develop the tools they need to stay in recovery. Successful treatment is possible, but only with serious effort and a commitment to a better life.
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