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Recent Addiction Treatment Center Reviews

Ready to Stay Sober
  • J reviewed 2 weeks ago
  • last edited 2 weeks ago

My counselor here was instrumental in my recovery. She had me dig deep in my life events and reflect on their role in my disease of addiction. She provided the framework for the tools and thought processes I needed in order to surrender and accept those things which I buried. She instilled a sense in myself that I can tackle this by staying diligent in my program and utilizing 1-on-1 counseling– she has given me confidence that long-term recovery is obtainable.

toxic environment
  • an animal lover reviewed 2 months ago
  • last edited 2 months ago

Toxic environment. Client care is compromised because employees are visibly stressed and unhappy. If this is a place that promotes mental health then staff need to practice what they preach.

  • JD reviewed 2 months ago
  • last edited 2 months ago

Complete and total incompetence at every level .. No organization or recordkeeping whatsoever..
Nobody has a clue what the hell is going on and when you need information you get put on hold for an hour while everyone asks each other what is going on and an hour later you get absolutely nowhere ..
When I graduated the program they did not have my certificate and just shrug their shoulders and said ‘whoops somebody made a mistake ‘
Absolute clown show .

  • D reviewed 2 months ago
  • last edited 2 months ago

Love what they did for our son! He struggled at first but really came to embrace all they were trying to teach. The whole staff was wonderful and very caring. He is doing really well and has held a good job for 6 months.
It was a true blessing for our family.
Thanks for helping to get our son back!

I don't recommend this place, they are crooked!
  • JD reviewed 2 months ago
  • last edited 2 months ago

I posted this review on their webpage on Facebook, several people also confirmed and posted under my post that they also had similar experiences while at Van’s House. I believe that is why they’re a private group now, they can’t handle criticism very well. They assume they are perfect and treat everyone with respect and dignity, which is simple not true. So I would like to share a few of my experiences from Van’s House.

The AA meetings were not like other AA meetings. They weren’t focused on making ourselves better people and learning how to stay sober. They consisted of people glorifying their stories because they wanted everyone to know how “bad” they were. For the first 30 days after moving out I continued to go to meetings everyday. Each day I took a 24hr sobriety chip to remind me of my ultimate goal and [EDITED], one of the owners, was pissed. I’m sorry for taking a chip everyday, but it was what got me through that rough patch in my life.

They choose favorites, and if you’re not one of them, it seems like they don’t even want to help encourage or support you trying to get sober. They do everything they can to bring you down. They came up with new rules almost every week. For example, they let some people listen to rap music, but I wasn’t allowed to listen to metal. In the middle of summer they made me sleep on a couch, in the garage, that was infested with Brown Recluse spiders. (Which is illigal) Keep in mind I paid rent to live there. I got kicked out because I wouldn’t tell on someone, yet one of the ladies [EDITED] really liked was given SOO many chances. She showed up several times drunk to meetings. EDITED] even payed for her hotel room so she could sober up after using and then let her move back in. EDITED] always gave all of the women special treatment and did not like any of the guys. If you aren’t their favorite, they don’t care about you.

Van’s House does not accept people the way they are. They wanted me to completely change my appearance because apparently it didn’t scream sobriety. They gave me two options: either change my appearance or move out. I moved out because my appearance shouldn’t affect their willingness to help me get/stay sober. Also, Scott, one of the owners, threw away most of my clothes.

They claim they are all about AA/NA, but yet they will kick you out for almost any reason instead of focusing on helping you get sober. They have banned people from setting foot on their property over some of the stupidest things. I have seen them turn people away from coming into meetings who were struggling with addiction and were in need of a meeting. That is just totally contradictory with what AA stands for. Scott even came onto my property once and threatened me because I was letting people stay with me that they had kicked out. These people had absolutely nowhere to go and some of them were minors, but they don’t care; they kick people out all the time. After this happened, I tried to go to a meeting with a few friends and EDITED] came in during the middle of the meeting and kicked us out.

This place is so crooked; I would not recommend it to anyone. They have their own agenda and if you aren’t part of their agenda, expect for them to find a reason to kick you out. Also, just in case they try to say I wrote this review because I’m a drunk or I’m suffering from addiction, just know that I’ve been sober for 7 years now. God has completely changed my life and I will never go back to where I used to be. Please don’t misunderstand me- I do recommend that you seek a rehabilitation program if you’re struggling with getting or staying sober, but not this one!

Sovereign Health are Snakes!
  • CD reviewed 2 months ago
  • last edited 2 months ago

Sovereign Health = Snake Oil. They said and did everything they could to get me to sign on the dotted line, ignore my instincts and leave my daughter with them for “treatment”. Most of the treatment they gave her was 12-step stuff for addictions and she doesn’t even use drugs! She is depressed because of a sexual assault. If she wanted to do the 12 steps she could stay home and do that. It seems that most of her time was spent filling out 12 Step workbooks crossing out “addiction” and writing in “depression”. I’m not a therapist, but even I knew that was nonsense. Of course every therapist that I have spoken to since then has agreed. I hate that they took advantage of our family and gave my daughter such a negative experience from which to view all treatment.

Worst place in the world to send someone for treatment
  • Anon reviewed 3 months ago
  • last edited 3 months ago

Drugs are constantly being moved on the inside, one of the counselor himself is a currently using addict, drug test reports are falsified to their satisfaction and prepare for your trust and faith to be let down by the staff lying to you constantly

Phoenix House Citra Florida
  • CM reviewed 3 months ago
  • last edited 3 months ago

Phoenix House has a very good reputation for providing treatment to marginalized members of society. Their literature states that the organization was founded by former heroin addicts in New York City. Research on them is mostly positive while there are some singular incidences of total breakdown of control where certain centers had to be closed as the one in upstate New York did.

My problem with them was largely lack of feedback. My family member was there for thirty days after a week of detox. During that time we received no progress reports, written or verbal, regarding the treatment. In fact on the days that visitation is allowed, Saturday for 2 hours, there are no staff available for consultation. The facility is spartan which I had no problem with but over 60% of the clients are passed from the Department of Corrections to Phoenix House, as that is now a vogue concept in criminal drug treatment. I have no problem with that either other than the fact that these clients do a mandatory eighteen months or more and are placed in leadership positions as they progress. Thus, as you can see, the entire non-staff leadership is composed of former offenders. As a homogeneous group without any prior integration to society it becomes a culture of its own through no fault as we all no what jails/prisons are like in this country. As well as the total lack of emphasis in this country on the widespread drug problem involving prescription medications.

As I write this my family member is packing belongings in garbage bags to leave tomorrow. We provided a new suitcase for our family member to use for this on our last visit two weeks ago but Phoenix House has been unable to secure this suitcase after providing us no caveat that they could not secure it. A small thing one might say but as your last act leaving a treatment facility the thing you do not want on your mind is that the staff has been responsible for theft of your personal belongings and offered no recompense.

And you do not want to be packing your belongings in garbage bags. No matter who you are.

What Steps Recovery Center has done for me
  • KC reviewed 3 months ago
  • last edited 3 months ago

Attending Steps Recovery Center was a blessing in my life. It continues to pay dividends every day. It is a business for profit. It has to be. That’s how this world works. It allows caring counselors to devote their time, energy, and passion to the work of helping others recover from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. When I entered Steps Recovery residential treatment I had given up. I had the gift of desperation! Steps Recovery center and it’s loving, knowledgeable counselors gave me hope that I could recover and that life was worth living. Through Steps Recovery intensive outpatient and general outpatient programs, I was able to ease back into the stream of life. I learned how my experience, strength, and hope could help others and strengthen my own recovery. It is now my privilege to participate in the Steps Recovery Alumni program. I am able to continue my life of recovery. Not only is my sobriety enhanced and my commitment to live a sober, joyous, and happy life fortified, but I am able to give back to others as it has so graciously been given to me. There is a cost to treatment. Because of the treatment I received, I have been given a chance to live life. A gift that is without price! Thank you Steps Recovery and those counselors that touched my life forever!

Do Not Use This Facility
  • B reviewed 3 months ago
  • last edited 3 months ago

I am very disappointed with the level of service provided by Hazel street. You are a 12 bed facility, with a more than large enough staff. Every single time I’ve requested things (including during Tyler’s stay there) emails and phone calls have either gone unanswered, or you were extremely late with a response and I only received a response after many requests – to finally get the end result. I question the facilities integrity and the staff’s integrity. Are you there to help boys recover? What is your success rate? Or are you there to make as much money as possible while parents and teens, don’t know who to turn to. What to do. Where to send an addict. You prey on that.

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