7 Tips for Choosing an Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

inpatient substance abuse treatment
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Today, over 20 million Americans over the age of 12 struggle with substance use disorder, making it something prevalent.

There are many reasons for turning to alcohol and drugs, whether it’s for recreational purposes or to self-medicate. But whatever the reason, it can be a quick path to addiction, which can be challenging to deal with.

Fortunately, there are effective ways to turn things around, including inpatient rehab.

Are you or a loved one interested in going to rehab? Then here are seven tips on choosing an inpatient substance abuse treatment that works for you.

1. Make Sure They’re Licensed

Rehabilitation centers deal with both medical and mental health issues, so it’s vital that they’re properly licensed. Otherwise, they may be causing harm to their patients and/or hindering their progress.

Besides, the law requires these facilities to have everything in order. If they don’t, then they risk being fined or even losing their licenses.

You can always check on an official website to determine if a center has its license. In addition, these sites can show you if there are any formal complaints lodged against the facility.

2. Find Out if They Have Other Credentials

A license is the bare minimum that an inpatient substance abuse treatment center should have. To ensure you get the best care possible, you need to look beyond that.

For example, reputable facilities will have accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) or the Joint Commission. These are nonprofit and independent organizations that hold treatment facilities to the highest standards.

You should also note that legally, rehab centers can only advertise their services if they’re certified. This is for your protection.

Don’t forget that the staff needs licenses and credentials too. This means they’ll have the right training and experience to help you.

3. See What Services They Have

The majority of inpatient rehab centers offer a number of services to better serve their patients. But for the best results, choose somewhere that has specialized care. For instance, if you’re struggling with alcohol addiction, then you’ll want to go to a facility that focuses on it.

Or if your addiction is pretty serious and you can’t withdraw and detox from it on your own, then it’s optimal to find a center with detox services. That way, you’ll have round-the-clock care to ensure your comfort and safety. And afterward, you’ll already be at the treatment facility, so you can start on recovery immediately.

In addition, stick with rehab centers that have evidence-based treatments, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Ideally, they should have multidisciplinary teams. This will raise your chances of leaving substance abuse behind.

4. See if There Are Aftercare Programs

Recovery doesn’t stop after addiction treatment. It’ll be a lifelong challenge to stay sober, so you need a long-term plan to stay on track.

It’s best if you pick a facility that has aftercare programs. You’ll already be familiar with the place and staff, so it’ll be easier for you to come for your sessions.

If you’re having a tough time finding a center with an aftercare program, at least go with one that’ll assist you with finding one afterward.

5. Check Out Their Reputation

An inpatient substance abuse treatment center may sound great on paper, but in reality, it can be a total nightmare. For example, the staff might be highly qualified but treat their patients horribly.

Take some time to scour the internet for reviews. Not only should you read over the good, but also the bad. This can help you form a more detailed picture of how the facility’s run and if it’s an ideal fit for you.

6. Find Out if They Take Your Insurance

We’re not going to sugarcoat things: inpatient treatment can cost a pretty penny, especially when compared to outpatient treatment. This is because you live at the center for the duration of your treatment, which can be months at a time. So in addition to the services you’re receiving, you’ll also need a room, the use of amenities, and food.

The good news is, many rehabs are in-network for insurance plans. Just double-check before signing up, as you won’t want a huge financial surprise if you accidentally choose a facility that’s out of network!

7. Consider the Location

The facility’s location isn’t as important as when choosing an outpatient rehab since you’ll only have to travel to and from there once.

However, if money is an issue, then a closer location to your home is better. You won’t have to travel as far, meaning there’s no need for expensive plane tickets or long road trips.

The location of the treatment center also matters because some are more upscale than others. For instance, one in Malibu, CA will cost significantly more than one in Little Rock, AR.

It’s up to you to balance what services and locations suit your budget best.

Enroll in Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

Inpatient substance abuse treatment might be just what you need to conquer your addiction issues.

While it won’t be an easy road, at least you’ll be in a positive and supportive environment with fantastic access to quality staff members. You’ll learn constructive ways to deal with cravings and temptation, and you’ll also meet people who are in your shoes too.

In the end, it’ll be a valuable experience that’ll help you stay sober and decrease the chances of relapse. From there, you can rebuild your life to be happier and healthier.

If you’re ready to find the right addiction treatment center for your needs, then use our search function now.

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