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Can paracetamol cause kidney damage?

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  5. Can paracetamol cause kidney damage?
Asked: 2018-08-04 06:26:31
I am in recovery and I stopped taking pain medication that was opiate based. Mainly I just take paracetamol as it is not addictive, can taking loads of this type of drug cause problems with my kidneys.


Answered: 2018-08-05 10:56:56

Paracetamol is acetaminophen or tylenol... I had to look it up because I had no clue what it is. OTC pain relievers are dangerous and highly damaging if taken like candy.


Answered: 2018-08-05 18:57:29

High dosage of paracetamol can lead to renal kidney in an acute sense. It is ultimately posioning caused paracetamol overconsumption and toxicity and happens first to the liver leading to the kidneys.

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