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The state of Georgia is struggling with addiction reaching epidemic proportions. Hospitals have reported a drastic increase in the number of infants being born exposed to drugs, and the state has implemented new programs dedicated to tackling the problem. Peer-to-peer counseling programs are helping many to seek out rehabilitation. These programs have been Medicaid approved in places like Atlanta, Georgia since the 90s, and can help people struggling with serious addiction make informed treatment decisions.

Inpatient Treatment Options

These programs are generally very intense and involve a lot of emotional healing and with a focus on mental health. This can be incredibly helpful for those suffering from a co-occurring with mental illness. Some may consider attending an outpatient program afterward to establish a period of sobriety before returning to their everyday lives.

Outpatient Treatment Options

Outpatient treatment is usually the first choice for people suffering from an addiction. These programs offer a variety of different therapies including behavioral and cognitive and offering medication options. Patients will also attend groups and therapies at scheduled times throughout the day and then be able to return to their home or job when they’re finished. These programs are primarily effective for those who are able to abstain from drugs and alcohol with consistent support.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Georgia

Does the patient require a dual-diagnosis facility? When treatment for psychosis in addition to Georgia addiction treatment is needed, dual diagnosis treatment center in Georgia may be a good fit. Treatment for cutting, gambling and other serious addictions are offered by select Georgia facilities.

Choosing Life

Addiction is a disease that has only two potential outcomes: Sobriety or death. To commit yourself to a rehabilitation program is to choose life over a slow death at the hands of drugs and Alcohol. There is hope for anybody battling addiction. With the right treatment program and a strong support system, sobriety is a very real possibility. The first step is to admit that you have a problem. The next is to reach out to a reputable rehab facility as quickly as possible.
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