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As Heroin and other Opioids have swept the country, Tennessee has maintained a steady rate of Methamphetamine abuse. The influx of Opioids has further complicated addiction services in the state, leading to a greater need for more diverse rehabilitation facilities. The rate of Opioid addiction and overdose deaths has grown steadily since 2014. In Nashville, TN, authorities are optimistic about new regulations helping to control the flow of prescription narcotics into the city, but many fear that this is simply a new avenue for Heroin.

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Services

Inpatient facilities are intense residential programs offering around-the-clock treatment for addiction and co-occurring disorders. Many people reach out to residential facilities following a family led intervention making them aware of the consequences of their addiction. This is also the best option for anyone who has difficulty during the detox process. Outpatient facilities are more readily available and can provide many of the same services without the residential programs. Outpatient treatment is only effective if the person suffering from addiction can abstain from drugs and Alcohol as they continue to live and work in the community. Many addicts who relapse while in outpatient programs will need to seek treatment in a residential facility prior to success.

Accepting Help in Tennessee

The only way an individual can truly recover from a dependence on drugs and Alcohol is to accept that he or she has lost control and needs help. Asking for help and admitting that there’s a problem is one of the most important steps on the road to recovery. Aftercare is another important factor in maintaining recovery. This can involve community services, ongoing counseling and peer support groups designed to help those in recovery aid one another in maintaining sobriety. Making use of every available resource is the only way to continue to tackle this disease.

Tennessee Costs for Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Tennessee rehab centers differ in terms of insurance policies accepted (private, government-sponsored, etc.). Insurance will directly impact the cost for treatment. In some cases, the patient will have little/no out of pocket costs for treatment in Tennessee. However, some facilities accept very few types of insurance so out of pocket costs can be high. Review the listed Tennessee treatment centers and call them for more information on insurance compatibility.
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