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Are percocets addictive?

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  5. Are percocets addictive?
Asked: 2017-12-24 02:12:02
Recently ive been frustrated and angry about everything and everyone and i think percocet is the culpurit. I want to quit immediately but its so hard to get off of these pills. Each time I make up my mind to stop and tell myself im going to, i get overwhelming and the process of coming off gets so untolerable i cave and endup taking them.


Answered: 2017-12-25 10:28:10

Well to be one hundred percent truthful, you must make up your mind to stop or else you wont.


Answered: 2017-12-25 21:30:34

Most of us pill-junkies have gone through everything you are describing. What it sounds like is physical addiction making its way to your psyche.. aka mental addiction. the angers probably from the prescribed dose not providing you with euphoric relief.

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