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How long does it take to withdraw from suboxone?

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  5. How long does it take to withdraw from suboxone?
Asked: 2017-12-20 23:42:47
I’ve been on a med management program for two years, and I think I’m ready to go completely off of my suboxone. Will I have withdrawals, and how long will they last?


Answered: 2018-01-19 14:29:31

Being honest, Suboxone has a way of sticking with you. A lot of people dont start their withdrawals till there couple days post their last dose. This is because it takes so long for levels of the drug to start falling within your body. Once it gets to this point, youll start to feel withdrawal affects.


Answered: 2017-12-21 06:41:46

Did you check with your doctor and treatment team first? Sometimes, when people try to stop using maintenance drugs like Suboxone all at once they end up experiencing a relapse. Make sure that your doctor agrees with your decision and consider slowly lowering the dosage until the withdrawals won’t be that bad.


Answered: 2018-01-01 04:26:43

and withdrawals will start without you really realizing it. Youll be walking along thinking youre fine, and suddenly youll start to feel really nauseous. It can be a vicious cycle. Just talk to a doctor before you quit cold turkey.


Answered: 2017-12-22 17:31:31

Any time that you stop using a drug after years you’re going to suffer some kind of withdrawals. Your body is used to having the Suboxone every day, and it’s usually a good idea to go off of it a little bit at a time. If you do stop taking it all at once, you’ll start feeling withdrawals within the first 24 hours of detox.

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