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If my antidepressants stop working does that mean i am addicted to them?

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  5. If my antidepressants stop working does that mean i am addicted to them?
Asked: 2018-12-17 22:35:40
So, I have been on these antidepressant pills for months now and they just stopped working. I want to take more of them but i am worried. I have been watching these videos of this one site and they say when you have a tolerance to drugs it means your addicted. I do get sick if i stop taking them so does that mean i need rehab?


Answered: 2018-12-18 18:09:40

First of all, it's really smart of you to be mindful of addiction to medications. A lot of people think that if it's prescribed by a doctor, it's totally safe but that's not always the case. It sounds like you at least have a physiological dependence on your anti-depressant and if it's not working at the current dose, it may be time for you and your doctor to explore other treatment strategies. Your doctor can help you taper down your dosage so that you don't have that withdrawal sickness from abruptly quitting them altogether. You may not need rehab if you work with your doctor to stop taking them safely as soon as possible. Good luck!


Answered: 2019-01-29 18:26:44

Antidepressants can stop working for a number of reasons. Building up a tolerance to them is only one. Drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes can alter the way an antidepressant works or a newly developed medical condition can disrupt it, especially if you've been taking a new medication for the new illness. Even your progressing age can sometimes change the way your antidepressant works, according to VeryWellMind. Talking to your doctor about the circumstances surrounding the inefficiency of the antidepressant will give you more of a direction on how to handle it.

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