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What are signs of alcoholism?

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  5. What are signs of alcoholism?
Asked: 2018-07-12 08:59:19
I am a teacher at the local college and I have a student who I suspect is abusing alcohol. What are the signs of alcoholism?


Answered: 2018-07-14 06:42:16

The most prevalent sign is the need to drink to excess. It doesn't have to be daily. A person can be a binge drinker on weekends and be an alcoholic. An emotional or psychological need to drink alcohol is typically a sign of alcoholism or an alcoholic in the making.


Answered: 2018-07-12 18:11:28

Alcoholism in students can show itself in several ways. Late to class frequently and smelling like alcohol is a sign. Also look for bloodshot eyes, or clumsy behaviors on a regular basis. Grades dropping, a lack of interest in the class and unhealthy looking skin can point to substance abuse, be it alcohol or drugs.

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