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What are the withdrawals from xanax?

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  5. What are the withdrawals from xanax?
Asked: 2018-09-20 19:22:07
benzodiazepines have taken over my life. I take my Xanax like six times a day, and I can’t imagine life without it. My doctor says I have to quit taking it and that he won’t prescribe it to me anymore. Actually, some of the things he said have scared me pretty bad. I know I need to quit taking it, but what’s that going to feel like?


Answered: 2018-09-21 20:56:19

Your doctor should be cutting your dose down slowly. Trying to stop taking benzos all at once can be really dangerous and end up with seizures. Talk to them about lowering your dose and tell him that you’re really committed to stopping. Otherwise, you can suffer from serious anxiety, heart problems, and the normal nausea or insomnia that come with withdrawal symptoms.


Answered: 2018-09-21 23:25:10

first, go see another doctor and make sure you really need to stop taking your medication. Yes, it sounds like you’re addicted but it’s important to get a second opinion about the best way to stop using. If you’re still taking the medication as prescribed and you’re not abusing it, then they should be able to taper you off of the meds. Otherwise, you can expect to have a lot of sleepless nights and to feel a little bit achy or panicky for about two weeks. It can be nasty, so make sure you talk to someone before you go cold turkey.

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