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What is addiction?

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  5. What is addiction?
Asked: 2018-01-08 04:38:58
I use coke sometimes on the weekend only when i’m not working. I started using on Monday’s now to just to get through the first workday of the week. My wife keeps warning me that I could become addicted. I mean what is addiction really anyway?


Answered: 2018-01-09 23:16:23

Addiction is when you can’t stop. When you need what ever it is you are using, while a once in a while on the weekend use may not be an addiction, having to use on a monday to get through the day could be leading to an addiction.


Answered: 2018-01-10 04:46:59

I don’t see your little weekend coke as being an addiction. When you are willing to do just about anything to get your next line, that for sure would be an addiction.

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