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What is the meaning of drug abuse?

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  5. What is the meaning of drug abuse?
Asked: 2018-09-01 04:42:17
How do you know when you are abusing drugs? Like, taking it every day is drug abuse, right? But what about every weekend, is that abuse?


Answered: 2018-09-02 09:26:58

If your tolerance is increasing and you feel like you need to take drugs every weekend to enjoy yourself, then that is a form of drug abuse. See if you can go without it.


Answered: 2018-09-02 02:53:32

Taking it every day is drug abuse, but it starts with the weekend, and then can stretch into the week. Drug abuse is habitual taking and feeling like you need it.


Answered: 2018-11-19 17:39:04

Generally, repeated use of a drug whether legal or illegal plays a role in the drug abuse definition. But actually drug abuse entails repeated us of the drug to alter your mood without a real need for it. When you start to alter methods of use like snorting the powder, crushing and injecting, mixing drugs to get a different feeling ect. That is a good indicator of actual abuse and not use,

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