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What is the most abused substance in the united states?

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  5. What is the most abused substance in the united states?
Asked: 2018-02-19 15:57:33
With so much substances abuse now-a-days, which do you think are the most abused substances?


Answered: 2018-02-21 01:25:02

I really feel like alcohol would be the most abused substance because of how easy it is get. I mean if your not old enough, i’m sure you know someone who is.


Answered: 2018-02-21 00:08:41

Without a doubt they must me weed, hydrocodone, oxy’s and alcohol for sure.


Answered: 2019-01-14 23:39:37

It's alcohol and marijuana. Hands down. Tons of people who abuse marijuana don't think they can get addicted to it and people under 25 can damage their brain structure if they do it before it's developed all the way. Alcohol is freaking scary man. It makes people turn into people they're not and make crazy decisions they wouldn't normally make that can kill someone.

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