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Why is marijuana addictive?

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  5. Why is marijuana addictive?
Asked: 2018-06-24 16:39:44
I love smoking weed, but why does it have to be addictive?


Answered: 2018-07-17 20:14:38

I think its addictive because of the symptoms being high. It makes you feel really euphoric and it always helped me relax when I needed to. My mom always used in place of her antidepressants because she swore that it was a more natural alternative to pharmaceuticals. I dont really need to smoke it, but I definitely enjoy it.


Answered: 2018-06-30 21:02:05

Marijuana is addictive because it changes your perception. Anything that consistently changes the way you see the world can become normal for you. When you dont feel normal, youre going to continue using marijuana to try and keep that feeling. I guess its kind of like the whole psychological addiction thing.


Answered: 2018-06-25 02:41:09

Marijuana is addictive because when your not high you can be restless and have a depressed appetite, but when you are high you are calm and relaxed and it makes you hungry.


Answered: 2018-06-25 06:48:18

Weed is like viagra only instead of calling more ladies, you just need to call dominos

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