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Why is my daughter picking at her face?

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  5. Why is my daughter picking at her face?
Asked: 2018-12-04 17:32:51
I am pretty sure that my daughter is addicted to something. All of the sudden, she is spending hours in the bathroom. She is not going to work and she is always asking me for money. Also, she is picking her face constantly. I can see all of the sores on her face and I am extremely concerned that she is doing drugs I just don't know what drug she could be doing... Any ideas? Thanks


Answered: 2018-12-04 18:34:03

Some type of amphetamine might be the cause. Could even be meth. Meth is shown to cause something called meth mites. Meth mites aren't actual mites it's a hallucination that feels very real to the user.


Answered: 2018-12-04 22:01:19

Yeah, sorry Lorena. It sounds like your daughter's doing amphetamines to me too. Other symptoms that you could watch for in that case would be appetite and/or weight loss, changes in her behavior like aggressiveness, hallucinations, anxiety and sexual promiscuity. She may neglect personal hygiene and basic obligations and responsibilities become less of a priority than the abuse of the drug. Also, the damage done to the body by the persistent abuse of amphetamines can result in symptoms like, seizures, malnutrition, paranoia, muscle deterioration and cardiovascular symptoms. I hope you and your daughter both get the help you need. Good luck.


Answered: 2019-02-12 23:48:38

That sounds awful! I'm so sorry that you're going through this with your daughter. I would recommend talking to her first and seeing if you can get through to her. If not, I would think an intervention is your next step. Meth has a way of making a person feel like they have no drug problem when they very clearly do. She may be in denial. Interventions can be effective in convincing your daughter to get help, especially if the participants in it are important relationships to her. The sooner she gets help, the easier it'll be for her to overcome the addiction. There are interventionists on this directory. Just look up one near you and they'll organize it after getting to know your family and your daughter's addiction characteristics. One more thing: if possible, have a rehab center ready to take her immediately if she agrees to go. But she may not go for a couple of days or at all. Don't feel discouraged. Remain supportive but be careful not to enable her in ANY way. I hope this helps.

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