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Does suboxone give you withdrawal?

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  5. Does suboxone give you withdrawal?
Asked: 2018-04-19 14:22:44
Generally speaking, I am in recovery from addiction and have a couple sponsees that are on suboxone to ween off heroin. Ive never taken suboxone before and im trying to find out if suboxone gives you withdrawal and if withdrawal occurs, how bad it is?


Answered: 2018-04-20 14:14:01

Suboxone, more or less does give you withdrawal, but for me the withdrawal wasn’t near as bad a going through heroin withdrawal. So in my opinion it’s the better of the two.


Answered: 2018-04-21 03:43:33

Definitely suboxone will cause withdrawal. Usually prescribers taper individuals on suboxone off so the withdrawals experiences are not too difficult to handle, but if someone were to just stop taking suboxone out of the blue, the withdrawals would suck and seem similar to the withdrawals of heroin, not quite as bad but still.

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