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What happens when you stop enabling an addict?

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  5. What happens when you stop enabling an addict?
Asked: 2017-12-21 08:49:03
My wife and I have put up with our daughters addiction for close to 3 years. She won't get help and we are exhausted. What will happen if we kick her out of our home?


Answered: 2017-12-23 00:15:55

One of the most difficult things about loving a person who is struggling with addiction is walking the unclear line between enabling and support. So common for us to make decisions and do things for the people we loves in effort to help but instead we are making the situation easier for our addicted love one. This is not easy and takes much practice to come to terms with this aspect of addiction.


Answered: 2017-12-21 21:42:51

A large part of this is accepting the fact that you and your wide can't fix your daughter. All the support, love, sweat and tears will not change her state. It’s normal for family to drive themselves on the what if's, but it won't change a thing. She has to be willing if she is going to change.

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