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Can cocaine cause a heart attack?

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  5. Can cocaine cause a heart attack?
Asked: 2018-04-01 22:16:17
I just saw on the web that heart attacks are known as the leading cause of death in society. Wondering if cocaine plays a role in this issue.


Answered: 2018-04-02 17:04:11

Seeing as cocaine is a stimulant I'm sure it can.


Answered: 2018-04-03 10:34:36

Hi Roland, just as with any other stimulant if you have a preexisting heart condition you are probably more susceptible to having a heart attack. Plus cocaine is not good for your overall physiological or psychological system for that matter.


Answered: 2018-04-02 12:33:47

If you experence heart palpitations when lying down or sitting still, it could be an indication that you experiencing symptoms of a heart attack whether on cocaine or not. But cocaine makes you feel like you are going a hundred miles an hour imagine what that does to your heart.


Answered: 2018-04-30 06:43:05

Reserchers suggest several ways that cocaine may trigger a hear attack. Cocaine can cause a sudden rise in blood pressure, heart rate and contraction of the left ventricle, (or pumping chamber ) of the heart. These effects can increase the risk of a heart attack. Cocaine also tightly squeezes, or constricts, the coronary arteries that feed blood to the heart. If the artery constricts, blood flow to the heart and brain can be obstructed, causeing a heart attack or stroke.


Answered: 2018-04-25 21:09:14

Cocaine raises your heart rate, and that can cause a heart attack, you may take a look into foods that lower heart rate it you plan on using cocaine. And avoid heart palpitations after eating by eating lighter meals.


Answered: 2018-04-09 10:52:50

If you are concerned about your heart, or possible hear attack from cocaine (which is possible) I think you should check out It has all the information you need to get help. The site has questions asked and answered by people just like you and I who have information or experence with drugs, and withdrawals, and hosting interventions. It can even help you find a rehab center, that not only provides your needs but can work with your budget so you are not paying an arm and a leg for in patient or out patient therapy .

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