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Can cocaine cause heart problems?

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  5. Can cocaine cause heart problems?
Asked: 2018-07-28 03:55:44
I'm looking for some advice from people that have used cocaine and understand the effects of it. I'm not a regular user of the drug but I've done it off and on for several years. The last time I did it my heart started hurting I feel like it was over active and it wouldn't slow down. I didn't think the moderation cocaine could cause me at issues with my heart. Help please.


Answered: 2018-07-29 00:28:52

Cocaine if used for long enough and in great amounts can without doubt cause problems with your heart.


Answered: 2018-07-28 14:44:30

Heart problems caused by cocaine are more or less a result from the drug speeding up your bodys system. The rate that your body processes after using cocaine is not normal and diverts it from homeostasis.

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