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Can cocaine cause psychosis?

Questions > Category: Substance Abuse > Can cocaine cause psychosis?
Asked: 2018-06-06 12:58:23

So here's the story, I did coke the other day I started hearing voices. I know the resembled psychosis because I was not deprived of sleep at all. I started thinking that I had schizophrenia because the voices wouldn't go away and where with me 24/7 for a few days. Schizophrenia runs my mom's life so thats even scarier. Anyway I decided to quit cocaine for good this situation really freaked me out and I'm wondering if anyone else experienced psychosis from cocaine use.


Answered: 2018-06-07 22:21:53

Even without sleep deprivation any stimulant consumed in high doses can cause symptoms similar to psychosis.

Answered: 2018-06-08 01:13:10

Im in recovery from cocaine addiction and during my addiction I tried to get clean several times. Whenever I was coming down off of coke I would talk to myself in third person or if I wasn't myself at all.

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